I Could Cook Up Something or Bore You with Details of my Uneventful Life




I drifted across the world's borderless spaces
ran from its volcanoes, watched as the lava
seeped into the lives of those who could never
understand why they were baptized in red rivers.
I barely escaped its floods or shifting plates
of desire. In a village remote from machines
or the men controlled by them, I fell in love
with a girl of perfect imperfections, an exquisite
avatar from a game you never win. Her off center
nose but her eyes the color and depth of green
forests. Not understanding one another's
language we spoke in signs. She turned out
to be as possessive as the world. One day,
jealous of me signing with another woman,
she stole my knife and stabbed me twice below
the shoulder. She was really aiming for my heart.
It happened at a high altitude where words, if
they could be spoken, would leave one short-winded.
It left me speechless.





- Kyle Hemmings