Wreckless Racket




Lost in solemnity stupor,
Clouds curl up and press the velvet vault,
Crowd the noiseless blue,
And veil the moon in soft drift,
Before rich wrath unfold...

Banshee born winds, swell wicked,
Swell thick, and thrive morbid...
Evening dew froths a fog, while rage broths a beast,
That builds black tinge and toils
Horizon to horizon...

All unrest, I need the daring dark,
The vociferous venture that beats bold...
Lost and found, we gulp the drought,
Lingering to gather storm,
Tangled tremulous: Wreckless Racket.



Melancholy gleams in the lingerer
Grief dreams soft and steady,
Dripping in overhanging yews,
Waving to gather a storm.

Leap against the ...
Tint, morn,
Gesture slow and profound
Pour west and wane...
Steal along..





- Alison Zacharias