The Maynard
Spring 2016

rob mclennan

from Glossary of Musical Terms


Outlet, outland. Helpful, nerves. She smiles, bottomless. Deep autumn, leaves. Unversed. A capsized heat. Toddlered. Push ligature, libretto. Optic tones. I position, overturned. Burnished, pre-syntactic. Measured, drill. Particular, of chaos.

A joyous well. We can’t sense the boundary.

Key of D

Symphonic end, an explanation. Slide. Rain barrel, minutes without notice. Gutter margins, sofa. Category: peopled. Peanut, recalls. They recollect. Slippery. A page count, temporary. Dwarfed. Widows, orphans grieve.

A lengthy interval. A happy thinking lullaby.

The Key of G, Major

Simplicity, belongs. Lift arms. Immediate, unspooled. The water levels. Speculations fall, and rise. Compact. A magazine believes. Unbound. What gradient, the house. Lift arms. Windows, several moments. Incantatory. Taut. Dismantled. Lift arms. Wheels of steady rain, soft mud. Modulation, stride. Consumed, a peck of dirt. A fingerprint. Third person, speaks. Lift arms. Lift arms.