Inside Andy Warhol's Tomb
  fame (seeking new bodies to possess),
  is the restless tenant.
  Warhol has always stayed dead, 
  save for his tongue, pink banner
  that watches over our world,
  a sad, endless mouthing of the words
  'I told you so'
  Like a sickening and a dying
  that go on forever
  life peels the serpentine lime
  light, and, in the voice of a surgeon, probes,
  what time is it?
  the answer lies scribbled
  on all the headstones
  that have come to find homes
  in all of the world's burying places:
  fifteen minutes past
  fame. same as saying
’s the next dreamer's turn.
  The banner over us all,
  remains nostalgia.



- Tolu Ogunlesi