Oeuvre de Shecky


Her fondest dream was to schmear a rim lock to secure entrance,

catching Shecky Green in all his regal smarm, 

however, Sharon was due for a shocktest,

A schlimiel guarding the entrance, snarked openly at her,

thus queering the deal for her dream duet of Sloopy. Major snafu!

Fortunately, a starched cohort and her slamdanced the sparrow fart sideways,

Sharon and Share Alike soon came face to face with the shlockmeister himself,

Smooches all around?  Not so fast, Sharon snapped,

You snockered tart, she said with a suckerpunch to the sternum,

leaving Shecky stuttering with laughter,

Shecky blew into his snot rag with majestic gusto, snuffed the single candle and

ran to the limelight, leaving Sharon snuggling stage notes.

Shecky killed that night, his fear of Sharon led to a stage embrace,

Forced to improvise he rediscovered life affirming schtick.


- Paul Handley