Q & A Affair


Q-Does consciousnesses bring its own discontent?



Q-Does a llama on a cresting hilltop of an ancient burial ground in the park where the homeless reside excite wonderment?

a-until I turn the channel.


Q-Does the Hippocratic oath extend to physicians that enter the arena of politics?

a-pure private enterprise, baby or laissez-faire as you prefer.


Q-Is laughter dearer than a babbling brook?

a-dearer than the Mikado played backwards on a 45.


Q-How wise is a sensei outside of the dojo?

a-blasphemy envelops the doldrums where you will soon reside.


Q-Has the beneficence of others ever touched you?

a-if an extended hand is an offer that includes the whole family then I’m willing to take them up on it.


Q-Is the recognition of authority the burning bush of romance?

a-yes it is wise one


I love you.


- Paul Handley