Expired desires


Bounce back from the fall, you know a

rope burn can be side stepped and the

fountain barrier can be walked through with a

newspaper over you head.

Get there, take the cross-walk and stop the cars from passing by.

You will notice the

The weight of significance and

The shadow of an angel.

You can imagine the taste of a wishing well and

Witness the temptations of my mind. 

There is a silence of mischief

And a subtlety of madness.

The movement of memory elaborates on

The weight of words.

The wisdom of a wish holds

The mystery behind a woman’s eyes

And a man’s disguise-

Accumulating and

So far outdating any creations tied to a meaning.

And so we wait

And so we know there is

Magic behind every moment,

But we lose the second’s

Significance, and so we

Soar away and remember

The message but forget the words

That put it in its place.


- Richard Tyo