For a While Now


Since I’ve been here,

The time’s been speeding up,                   

                                                                        The stars dim and explode.

                                    People rest a while on the style that boxed their allies in.

                                    Leaves grew, changed, danced on the grass with the wind.

Since I’ve been here,

                                    Chances flew,


                                                                        Enhanced upon the brass,

                                    Entranced atop the gliding hill.

Since the day began,

                                    A story unfolded,

                                                            A man told the tree to wait,

                                                                                                An uncertain cloud chose fait,

            A woman was sedated.

Since the second I listened to your words,

                                                            I shared their descriptions,

                                                                                                I left the rain inside,

                                    I mistook words for meanings,

                                                                                    I glanced beside you and let the scenery do the screening.



- Richard Tyo