New end to an old poem


Sounds of poetic design confront abstract notions of creative expression.

And I am at the forefront

and you are at the forefront,

forever feeling these fleeting emotions.

So we chase these trickles of thoughts,

And buy some time to bargain our worth…

We struggle from birth to shift into our surroundings-

Never quite demanding to be content,

but looking for somewhere to sit until it’s time to roam around.

And we all crave to be our names…and we all seek some satisfaction in what

we’ve come to believe…but sometimes thieves steal the day, and sometimes

disaster has its way,

But change can be our only inevitability…

And when the winds shift and we spread our wings, we’re seizing this energy

that rides around us… and we’ll surely be adrift with gifts to give if we can only

know the natural tone that we take when there are choices to make.


- Richard Tyo