3 fish, 2 brothers, & me


standing knee deep

in slave lake (of dreams)

water cold & biting

barely into my white

flesh I fish with

pale, thin hands


my brother, or

a brother (younger),

he knows the ropes

tells me where to go

& together, we fish


catch, a jack,

dead in the water,

& another, thin

slimy thing


his brother, or

another (older) brother

he fries the jack fish

in a pan & we eat

on the rocky shore

the jack’s flesh


underground, now

in a cave, the other half

of the great slave

lake (of dreams)

we board a boat

& set sail, to fish

for dinner (later)


we catch a third

thin slimy guy

with the second slimy one

& we gut the poor bastard

(the third) then & there


in its stomach

to our surprise

a bag, untouched

of pure cocaine


the older brother

he tastes it first;

finding it pure we

two share


the other (younger)

brother he watches

& shakes his head

& gathers the twigs

to set a flame

for dinner



- Sheldon Birnie