the best and possibly the brightest

i'm sorry about falling asleep
during the symposium
of the best and possibly
the brightest.
it couldn't be helped,
in spite of all
the complimentary coffee.

now i'm stuck
with some kid's mohawk
jabbing my panorama.
it's nothing personal,
but i vomit at the sight
of needles.

i guess nobody's coming
to give me a lift,
and it's not that i distrust
public transit entirely,
but this weather
makes me nervous.

i'll be taking the shortcut
through this alleyway,
between my delusions
of grandeur.

maybe i've never been anything
but a curmudgeonly mould
growing on the mozzarella
of my contemporaries,
but one day i will own
a curly moustache
and i'll be the old-timey villain
who is tying them
to the railroad



- Zachary Whalen