Unexpected meeting with Mr. Thomas

There is the streetlamp.

"Hello Mr. Thomas!                                                              

                                                                                                (I suck a missing tooth hear the hissss?)

"Didn't Newton smoke fluid grey beneath this one? I am sure if I just read and think, something will fall on me"

                                                                        ("No! you are wrong gravity is not instantaneous - what is that... in-stan-taneous? -its the fabric disrupter see the ball in the geometric center of the parachute held by believers?" said a man with an afro.)

"And Copernicus and Galileo walked by with steely stubbornness. Conceptualizing that they subserviently - or was it...respectfully? - revolved about another celestial. Because the world doesn't spin around me right?"

                                                (Swallow nothing. Breath. Tell me they were crazy.)

"Yeah, here but not here." Goat fur is so luminescent.

                                    (I can't draw parallelograms in crayon.)

"So, if you stand steady and I turn away," he kept on,

"you're everywhere..."

                        (Not you too Mr.Thomas)

I had gone. Back to hide-and-seek.

            (This. Is. Heresy.)

"... except in front of me"


- Mike MacNeil