bus baby

the bus took nearly
twelve hours to leave the city
& by the time it did things had
taken a turn south.

a young white assed
vampire nymph had attached
herself to me & I could feel, almost
taste, the sweat between her legs.

there were some problems
as we passed the perimeter but
the driver’s pistol solved most of them,
& again we were on the highway.

vampire girly took me
into the bathroom & set her fangs in;
her skin was  soft as flower petals before
withering, & that ass…

the bus stopped again
on the outskirts of the next town
& this time it was the end
of the line.

the townsfolk took the women,
left us to walk - next morning, the sun came up
hot & dusty & along the march onward we lost
a few more, but none so bitterly as those first.

- Sheldon Birnie