Dead Ends

His some and us is them
if he will from her are and
makes me but.
Not before, right?

Listen, you am not she are
but to get our were over his of
put us to aboard his should. Our
were under them can
so us to and them are
because your until excluding  
he if during she as.

His unlike above
she is opposite they were
amid our toward via his minus.
Down they do at he by
only us around following they on
since he in upon our through.
Oh, sorry, what if you am, save
they is, inside our into? So

he can between
her am considering our except is you
and then we will outside
their should.

No no, not like you can then him
among; that’s absurd. Minus us and
you could about our in. Ok, now following
his for within we up.

Than his across.

If you beyond her as
then we will against they can.
Otherwise, she after against your
despite along his behind.
Concerning who of, onto your
off since he without them
past. Our towards his underneath
per my plus she.
She beneath him.

Besides, we
anti our, excepting your below.
Me versus you.

- Jason Sunder