Life and Everything Else 

I never saw jesus on the face of a potato chip,
But just before my twelfth birthday
I read the review of Cesar and Rosalie.
Maybe it was Chloe in the Afternoon
And I was 13,
I decided then and there
That I needed to live inside a French movie
That was to be my life.
Such a gorgeous kid like me,
I didn't need to see the movies
The reviews were enough
I had faith
I knew what it would be like:
No more stale popcorn or sticky theatre seats.
I didn’t have much in my world then
But I had access to the New York Times –
The more things change the more they stay the same.
Now I get DVDs.
French movies pop up on the Vroom Channel
Hallelujah! I was right all along,
I do belong on the Cote d’ Azur
Eating croissants, sipping chocolate coffee
Across from Yves Montand.
Life looks so much better
On the other side,
Just like everything else.

- Isabelle Ghaneh