Until Never Holds You Hostage

Verbing weirds words, just like
pencil-necks romance rubber nipples.
Sweat the diction & you
unletter me slowly

make my concrete rain plastic thoughts. You can
run a victory lap dance
make pricks unpeel into clocks that ride your bed.
Forget forgery fields, Sally, because Derrida’s alphabet
soup kitchen can undo Camus as you
unpack non-sequitur suitcases. A bikini moustache
might talk down
jumpers who otherwise smudge freeway lines.

Letters might first pass the post that           
sieve-fisted fiends curl into
so many unfulfilled untils
because never holds you hostage.

Let’s open our throats, us
generation of slap happy fools. To
make a fart rainbow, to burp sandwiches

weird the words. Just like
marbles that rattle in sternums, spelunk
for junk, take this text.

- Jason Sunder