This preamble to the current issue of the Maynard serves to introduce Jason Sunder, Leslie Bohn, Don Peteroy, Isabelle Ghaneh, Ian C. Smith, Sheldon Birnie, and Tony Kess.

All of these writers are writing about the other and about otherness the way only a writer can, that is, in many ways, by not writing about it; not the other(ness) but the experience(s) - remembered, lived, imagined, created - that make up the other and the other's other: the self, the writer.

Ruminating within the work featured here is a weaving of the fantastical, of the imaginary, of the mnemonic with the deeply personal, and of the frighteningly universal with the even more frightening commonplace. Through these acts of poetics, and through our act of engagement with them - reading, reciting, rereading - the work, and the other, and the experience, become what they are to be, which is everything but static.

Good reading.


Feb 2010