Y Chromosome

This trigonometry triangulates the weight of your indiscretions: a squared plus b squared squares c. I pinpoint the path of your Nostradamus prophecy; follow the folds of your sophisticated sci-fi origami: the kind that unfolds like the plot of a detective novel. Yes, we can rebuild these walls, brick by fucking brick, but don’t expect me to show up at your ribbon cutting ceremony. Don’t expect me to puff-puff pass down your stories, your red hair and your curious, recessive jeans. I’d rather cut open seams: make a patchwork quilt from your winter coats, the crescendos you never wrote, and the fish we never caught. I know I’ve had your Y-chromosomes on loan for two decades or so, but don’t expect me to calculate the date of your return. Don’t expect to rekindle fires burnt, when all I can see are your scales.

- Nathan Morris