Welcome to the June/July 2010 (Vol. 3, No. 3) issue of the Maynard. This issue features work by Stuart Barnes, Holly Day, Jospeh Dorazio, Nathan Morris, Kristine Ong Muslim, K. V. Skene, and Lee Stern.

There is a line in a Patti Smith song that goes like this: "Break it up, oh I don't understand / Break it up, I can't comprehend / Break it up, oh, I want to feel you / Break it up, don't talk to me that way / I'm not listening."

And Loretta Lynn sings the following: "I can't understand a word you're saying / We've got a bad connection on our minds / Communication's one thing we never seem to find / Oh Lord I'm sorry, but there's trouble on the line."

The line of communication and the presence of what is being communicated are often (if not always?) contingent on the chosen form of communication. Conversation prevails in most cases. And a poem can be conversation that says that something exists between people and people, between people and objects, and between objects and objects.

The poetic conversations that are the pieces featured in this issue offer break-downs, direct lines, refusals, acceptances, and more.


June/July 2010