Mamacita Cries Apocalypse
the rainbow broke apart into
thick hideous hunks of color
like a fat lolli cracking against
the surface of pebbled glass as
the dwindling raindrops cued
the fire sale slaughter of my
orifice swollen so horrifically
at the hands of that sad man
who had the pink tip on that
cock of wrath of his hulking
around in my sopping pussy
a massive lance tilting cruel
into my hot soft cunt backed
by the weight of the saddle of
this salacious fourth horseman
a different red moon scowled
down at me & my spine bit the
ground like a collapsed cactus
screams flowered out of my blue
tense lips begging death from he
who told me i would never walk
funny again because the sun was
now a gouged out blindness in the
sky hiding all the vultures tingling
the curves of my feet gone numb
sounds of all the wind chimes gone
deaf to the breeze on the concrete
dogs choking on their coarse howls
the shaft slurping out in long winds
only to steady & swerve deeper till
i cried his name and he went away...

- KJ Hays