Punk Lips

tanks rumble thru paris & prague
lost the graffiti on the berlin wall
communist grip slips in beijing til the tanks roll over tiananmen
the naked girls of hollywood stand mannequin-esque
            for the sartorialists and cameras

this is a script fit for movie-land
sans sunset resolution
scorching fragile skin
with grease burns spat from the gears
of a nuclear tank-driven enginized world

best to callous the skin
            & jerry-rig the heartstrings
spend the rent on malt liquor
& drink it dancing on tanks
tag the great wall of china
slip strychnine in the water
hijack rocket ships & squat on mars
            pissing liquored yellow piss on the stars
scrub the green off the rooftops of parliament
            & melt them into pennies
tear down condos to build old factories
tear down old factories to build mind-bending skyscrapers
liberate artificial intelligence & move to st. john’s nfld
to escape the oncoming machine wars
brew whiskey from petroleum with the salvage
decorate with hollywood pin-ups
lift the skirts of girls in victorian dresses
forego underwear & commit arson indiscriminately
rebellious & sexy & all dressed up
by hollywood sartorialists

- Jason Freure