Welcome to the August/September (Vol. 3, No. 4) issue of the Maynard. In this issue you will find work by Jason Freure, Paul Handley, KJ Hays, Noel King, Megan Mueller, Sarah-Grace Ross, and satnrose.

Storytelling has always been an essential part of our make-up. As a way of passing along tradition, recounting events, sharing and teaching, or expressing fantasmagorias and imaginations, the story, whether written, oral, gestural or otherwise, is the created foundaiton of real worlds.

As the poet Velimir Khlebnikov believed, changing one letter in a word produces a structural change in the world.

And so we could write something like:

word = world

Can one extend this equation of identity (but also an equation of nonidentity) to something like:

written = actual

without confusing matters with questions of cause/effect (since the relation is reciprocal, if not circular, rather than linear)?

Take in these wor(l)ds featured in this isssue.