Autumn Comes to Pennsylvania

The lore cannot come to terms with grief of the ringmaster who lost a show bear
                                                                                                            near Colton Point
and the ponies in the horse farm in Wellsboro, still night-eyed, blink upward
                                                                                                            probing for stars.

The paddock, storm-swept smudge against the hillock’s handprint and tie-dye rainshower
                        seeps through the branches,
                                                blurring nettle, pinecone
                                                                        with a spear-shaped moon.

Fawns, fat from summer’s feed, appear within the juniper
                                                and the lone country store carries
                       tabloid with the story of a horned serpent
                                                                                    seen at Cheat Lake.

Cornstalk fiends peek through the window of a witch’s hut.
                                             Pumpkin devils are being carved on the porches as God
of the tractor sleeps somewhere in Gastonville,
                        inside a red barn as grapevines gray his field.

- Sankar Roy