Penny-Ante Strychnine

Neoprene jungle
Abstract sentiment
An infinite number of lines in a plane
Fifty-cent tollbooth
Abject sediment
My heels are bleeding through the weave of my socks
Broken tidbits
Asshole settlement
Words hold nothing that can make me move
Camcorder adlib
Prestressed cinnamon
I wish they'd told me it would taste like this
Retro waste dump
Qualified rejects
If it doesn't matter then why am I so pissed
Symbol-sucking mail fraud
Ephedrine nightmare
Vomit in the corner and pretend it wasn't you
Flower-pattern neckties
Sugar-coated breakdowns
Tide running out through the salt-encrusted piles
Syncopated laughter
Penny-ante strychnine
Rumble through the tatters of the coats I wore.

- Jason Price Everett