stride strikes pavement
like zildjians strapped to my soul
mark metre to a shredded pulmonary
cut lines
burnt bridges
and quickening
screaming Lakota circle
in a swirl of golden hair
they have the trail
laid by jugs of cherished tears

tango with the alleycats
and get the worst of the fight
stop traffic with a writ
signed in blood
on the selfsame brassy pavement

wink back at the billboard girl
with blue eyes
she's prob'ly missed in Texas
sweaty-fezed Navajos
paint portraits of Jackson Pollock on sand-strewn clouds
set on the sun like dogs
lead me out of my mind
back to the billboard girl
remember the alpenglow
of a former home
wo sie Heidi hieƟ
und Schlager liebte
a thousand lives in four years

strap on the mask
and breathe deep the past life memories
it's the only way to sleep

- R. Jospeh Capet