Save the fairground

Tessa’s lips:
All about the redistricting
From here to the women’s prison in Fort Onion
And the Christ for the Nations building on
Altercation Road,
The armory and the fenced in
Repossessed farm equipment on
Tessa’s lips and in the new
32nd Congressional.

Tessa Lipscomb,
Her father died in the big war between
Governments and then died again of
Papillary cancer of the thyroid
From the government radiation and
The radiation between governments,
Hank Lipscomb,
Over every fireplace she
Turns on.

That July 7th
When Tessa held the press conference in
Rev. Buck Wilcox High School gym:
Today is a victory for all females
But in private, what else but the
Fear of death
And the way the constituency would go on drinking
Boxes of liquor and convulsing with idiot life
To the same classic rock.

So the lines are drawn
The fairground is out,
The snow pea farms are in
And the horseshoeing school for the blind.

- Eric Arnold