Honor Roller Derby

What I don’t like about this place
is how the weather is known to do
just about
whatever the hell it wants.

It’s seventy-five on Tuesday.
The sun is at a safe distance
and not thirty feet away
from your kitchen window.

We find some weird rock and roll show
at an abandoned shack just past the train station
that can be heard for miles but hasn’t run in years.

Thousands of people pack into the living room,
but somehow those candles stay upright
and keep their cool.

A foot of snow of Wednesday,
and that happens to be on the afternoon
when I can’t remember where your apartment is.

The sky isn’t the least bit of help. It lays claim
to The Great Beyond but doesn’t tell me where I can go to put
my hat on a hook in the kitchen. Or my head against the arm rest
of a couch that’s actually comfortable.

One day
I’m just going to drop to the ground
and swear I have better things to do
than sacrifice my dignity by walking around and living.

I can’t go more than a block before some old
woman selling jewelry in the streets wants to put a curse
on wherever I plan to live for the next ten years.

I hope I don’t have any children. They’d have enough to worry about
being raised by someone like me, without having to wake up
to a tornado in a completely inappropriate part of the world.

Cadillac’s screaming right through the kitchen
before anyone’s even had their coffee. The driver looking exactly
like me in my younger years even though I’d be standing
right next to them.

The snow spends most of the following day
melting, but people still refuse to be rational.

Friday is quiet,
Saturday morning is the end of the world,
but I get you to hold onto me for the freefall,
and the world is back to its old claustrophobic self
by Saturday night.

We don’t even know
where in the hell we want to go. We just hail down a red taxi
and assume he’s one of those mind readers that we’ve been hearing
so much about.

Sunday is a murder mystery without a body,
and I wouldn’t trade that for anything. Neither would you.
Praise the Lord.

- Gabriel Ricard