spilling mistayks in vankuwver

Akronyms skrable th skoolscape,
as if lisence playts on bildings,
as if thay wur all parkt
iydling, wayting fer th loot
too mayk thyr gedaway.

Gowld rush aftr gowld rush is BE SEE’s
histry, frum lumbre as gowld in trees
to fillm sets stryking it rich

Insayde a skool I tot studnts
wile holiwould aktors kist on
a red mowdurcykle in historik gastown.
An entyre day to surkle a kis
wth kamera krews in tayk aftr tayk.
Evry fayv minuts we touk a brayk
so stuwdnts kood watch and showt
adooration frum th windoes.

We wur studing TOEIC,
an akroynm fer a test
amungst others: TOEFL, IELTS
test aftre test t tayke.

Sow students kun get jawbs
with Monsantoe in Mexico
or Krapht in Columbia or
Millton Bradley in Japan,
or sow stuwdents kun
understande holiwould movies
or just feel freedum elsewhere
kunveying themselfs in youwth.

At nite I reed bill bissutt
n feel at howm in wurds
thut downt need to be kleend up
in ledders that petishun new sownds.

- Kevin Spenst