FEBRUARY 2011 (Vol. 4, No. 1)


Jesse Eckerlin lives in and between the Outaouais region & Montreal. He has recently apprenticed on organic farms in Low, QC and Valletfield, PEI while intemittently pursuing a degree at Concordia University. His poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Otoliths, Show Thieves: An Anthology of Contemporary Montreal Poetry, Existere, and kill author.

Ricky Garni is graphic designer living in Carrboro, NC. His work has appeared recently in Yes, Poetry, and The Evergreen Review. He has published over twenty works ranging from a single prose poem about the Town Hall of Prague (Loze), to a goofy tribute to Gerard Depardieu (A La Recherche Du Temps Depardieu), to a much too long compendium number (Maybe Wavy - 580pgs).
Adam K MacDonald is a British Columbia based writer. His work can be found in Escarp, the writers block, the Fernie Fix, and Inscribed. His latest project, due out Spring 2011, is a poetry collection published by Two Owls Collect, a selection from his daily poetry blog.
Susanne von Rennenkampff was born in Germany but has lived on a farm in North-central Alberta since the early 1980's. Fascinated by the impact of the natural world on human beings - and vice versa - her writing often grows from this interaction.
Gabriel Ricard is a writer, actor, stand-up comedian, and producer. He has written short fiction, poetry, film/stage scripts, book/film/music reviews, novels, creative non-fiction, and interviews. He was born in Canmore, AB and now lives in Waverly, Virginia.
Kevin Spenst's prose has appeared in Broken Pencil, Books Handmade's Pages of Canada, The Martian Press Review, and Hacksaw Zine. He has one collection of short stories in print, Fast Fictions, which was launched with a fifty-venue, one-day only reading tour of Vancouver.