The Maynard
Spring 2014

Carolyn Nakagawa


Life is a pile of small tragedies, she said,
hoping it would make a good Facebook status.
He looked sympathetic, but didn’t reach for his phone.
            Do you think that’s how your sister felt?
            Of course not. What happened to her. She
            didn’t need to notice the rest of it.
He nodded. The recorder
picked it up.
            But she’ll be remembered. Her music.
            Yes, we’re producing an album (unfinished)
            the way she would have wanted.
                                                                              (I am, she thought.)
            She would have wanted people to hear.
            A message, he said. Would you call it inspirational?

            What would you say to her, if she could hear?
            I’d say, silent no more, sis. Everyone’s listening.