The Maynard
Spring 2016

Louise Bak


second drank of soda, flat as well as warm, sixth tooth taking
place from discarded, as though outlined off for a molar, like
dihedral angle of ojime. a lot unbroke from gum line as other
hand’s foreknuckle squeezed thumb at a table’s eraser crumbs
above can’t quite draw mouths yet of own face’s a little closer
to a winced collar. lower arm’s erythema clear middle pressed
ripple to side of icicle nab, at upper back’s had ur man got of
sponge holder’s clatter. propped in one hand, a side’s fired on
kirin’s coagular chidori bolts, rocked clasp at like slub hint of
line of dust and distress, said unshakably not having to await
erode of time. same day’s knee backed off squinted frown of
gudetama bolster, lifted look at pecked pattern’s rise and fall.

just gaped enough remove of bark, tip of beaks’ dispersal of
force, in lined up tanto tips, to moment of unblinking along
corners of mouth tippyed satis withdrawn, glanced shove at
raw linen ribbon in punched out plastic bag. having inhaled
of switched to chaffs in slumped forward a barrier envelope
short buckled. loosed constative content of passport image’s
effect of breath drained of duchenne smile, held from over-
spill to eyes, as said leg’s sitting aniso-absorbance of stiffs.
few minutes took to sporadic drowsed, furrowed arrhenius
of chest, looked down slid, seeming adhered dulled whisps
with call it gah goules. hand’s lexapro reached thru an open
passenger side window. peered a paper cut’s tumbled cake’s

quicked mua hehe crammed, stoked near stayed closed side
pocket of wynn short, like dip-dyed black bear atlas bones.
distractedly turned, looked airy top clenched only being let
to wear a jacket on patio, if under 12 degrees out, on to the
neighbor’s carriage lamp’s register of post-doc voter’s will i
ever get funding or personal puente not neglected? reached
variegated kolomikta leaves, as blinked on and forth siding
the car, a light more like a preta in form of small eddies of
air, flavor dust of flamin’ doritos, as a biking behind turned
back to signal, unlodged of a decal. a sound that marked the
short term glued yaaas, to the quartes of minutes of a slow-
yielding of side of door frame. lurched rapidly looked at the

driver seated in one of every one of the times of day’s wait...
clung turned os upside down typed line uttered ok like, don’t
remember tweeted with the word hmu, a bot retweeted along
doing of tgp rig, missing a copper corner connector. to a stop
vaping across slope angle’s frustrum, with reaching to side of
driver’s seat, shift of grab and pull belt handle, to more tipped
scales of its metal tongue further to your side, while jirbiled in
turning it aligned with earth’s magnetic gauss, goes through its
face. other words thumbed, which kind of be oneself to get the
rotated round stone to surface eye of providence shaped, along
your limited tfw distance outside the car. more awaked ostraca
of immaned stores’ closings with span they’re done. walked on

greater distance by brink of seat shotted back. less loft per step,
like with tapped cane incongruously claustrophobic, vibratings
through wrist bones to lateral typings on elbow, to mandibular
angle’s bassier don’t know what that is -the can’t text or receive
messages before pooled in the middle train. hand thrust, with a
looked up, rosed head moved at near a right angle, past the din-
spot’s untuned basic controls. dissolved in rip stop nylon, flown
fabric, swishied claspings on each sides, as your sitting halfway
out of the seat went stretched, barely visible of small jams of a
magazine cover, against threaded material’s resistant pattern of
mini maple leaves, with just cried but pushing didn’t a princess
of omerta scale. poroused like non reversed mirrored the stuck

holding apocoped brbs, as realer heaviness in tens, splaying the
folded in halves. difficult to keep blinks on extents comes and
goes, in hearing padded to scrabbling, as if tottery of miworld
blocks, in the wall and bounced with strode by table’s loaf in a
collapsable bag. proofed lengthwise rolls, dusted strips of rice
flour, to stripped from fingers’ through falls of flat-out backing
of arms on cinder block wall, to crumpled over side slab of the
sofa, planed head’s stuck scalp hair on a paper’s tried decode in
heated plz by spilt asconoid of qoo. raked in a line, past feeling
footage fell off of a page, dimmed repetitions of a daddy finger
rhyme, to your tying up bread flour shorters, with an expressed
ache of putted lotion on back, in room’s air settling you’re alone

ojime, type of bead which originated in japan, typically under an inch in length
satis, enough (Latin)
gah, fake (Cantonese)
preta, type of supernatural being, characterized as undergoing suffering greater than that of humans (Sanskrit)
hmu, hit me up (slang)
tfw the feeling when (slang)
brb, be right back (slang)