The Maynard
October 2013

Karen Neuberg

What Seems Solid

We're holding what seems solid
enough, although we're aware
close-by might be crumbling,
and we quickly think cookies,
which leads to a lively conversation
about particles and we think strings
and we think theory and we're relishing
our clever minds and congratulating
ourselves, no longer necessarily thinking
winners but glad to be among the placers;

and then, gradually, we become aware
of the rumbling sound coming out
of everywhere and there's no time to think
it's time to act and whatever is coming
has already risen past our knees
but we don't think apocalypse
for we never believed that story
but somehow the word is roaring in our ears.
And we think again, time to act. But we're standing
here thinking and saying it, and we're not acting.