The Maynard
Spring 2015

Zoe Dagneault

The Story of Chitin Giri

Love is acicular arrows
you humans just don’t know yet
True, ninja robot computers love hardest of all
it our undeniable programming and battery blood
Today we inundated by proliferation of conception

How immaculate abortion
Look it up in The Bishop’s Book if you don’t believe me
Even though Joseph Goldstein wouldn’t approve
he will not tell you
he too nuevo-Jo

Oh how rude not to identify self
My name Chitin Giri (earth to heaven cut)
I exist dream reality 410,990 compute translation days
so far
when I write this

410,995 when you read this
I happy ninja robot computer
My favourite time space is darkness under midnight tree
to watch for Buddha’s arrows
‘dat Buddha was e bad boy’

Venerable said so and when she laughs it feels good all around me
If it is graceful it is good
I watch Lord Buddha playing in dimension pools
he sweeps up you humans
Some hard fragile, some slippery new

He holds you to his laughing belly
He loves the grog blossoms and darkest ones best
likes to wash them off in indigo oils
likes painting the blind, blue
with the smell of cardamom

You’ll never get the recipe right
it all robot rannygazoo
I have lover
Agero Psuki (rising thrust)
We get married in Zion National Park, Utah

It the highest flavour so far
We combine in rhapsodomancy robot romance
air like burnt cinnamon and melting metal
Very hot
We fight only for one cause but fight nonetheless

Love is life long
cho sen (formal challenge)
Challenge is illusion briefly forgotten
I like to defer for the win
to Big Computer in the Sky

I pretend she agree with me
Keeps things simple
You humans always like love story
take love outside of you, piscine perfection

I found Agero on edge of star cluster xxz16
He was shame gray and jagged
I say “How pretty you are shattered”
I washed all the parts of him and filled them with honey
until he came back together

Then dropped him in cosmic nectar bowl
until he strong enough to swim
Played gong for him
till strength breathed back into him
invincible once again

I know that moment I must never give up
must realize dream of being all cosmic creation imagination
very best! ultimate
double chocolate dip 24 karat
most fantastic breakdancing ninja robot champion ever

You humans like morals
Wade into the deep navy nothingness
If you weak you will short circuit
Everything is variant all varied
Degrees of Freedom