The Maynard
Spring 2015

The Maynard  Spring 2015
Table of Contents


Fencepost Jo Baeza

a rose is a rose is a rose manhattan Nikki Reimer

Alcohol Peycho Kanev

Fast-slow Continuum Peycho Kanev

Girl I Carolyn Supinka

Girl II Carolyn Supinka

(Ouverture) Garry Thomas Morse

Can't Stomach Mitchell Grabois

The Stale Cold Smell of Morning Angela Rebrec

revenge/reincarnation annie ross

Word on the Street Henry Rappaport

Tribute Fraser Sutherland

Brains Lost to the Earth Melissa Nelson

The Insidious Susurration Marie-Andree Auclair

A Conversation Marie-Andree Auclair

In the Cyberspace Changming Yuan

Icicle Changming Yuan

Twenty-Five Weeks Rob Taylor

Darkening Over Still Water Richard King Perkins II

Theory Nate Maxson

Yellow Flowers Ann Filemyr

The World Dream Ann Filemyr

Fault Vodka / Blame Juice Jamie Sharpe

Laetitia Evie Ruddy

the neighbors knew i divined water Allison DeLauer

Hell is hot Allison DeLauer

Sports Poem #4 John Swanson

what do you talk about gary lundy

desire derives pleasure gary lundy

aren't we missing every thing gary lundy

A Monday Valentina Cano

The Devil Valentina Cano

thirsty Katie Quackenbush

The Story of Chitin Giri Zoe Dagneault

The Day Everyone Realized Ron Riekki

QED Christopher Patton

A Moth Christopher Patton

In Rain Christopher Patton

After a Fashion Pattie Flint

Why, And for What Purpose Ace Bogess

Is There Something Ace Bogess

A Fire Hydrant on Camino de la Amapola Eleanor Kedney

Good to See You Eleanor Kedney

Saturday Night Charles Springer

White Socks Surya Govender

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