The Maynard
Fall 2017

Ben Gallagher

Quantum Buddy
                 -for Zoë

The hand is clenched, palm up:
when fingers open it is released.
The hand is clenched, palm down:
when the fingers are opened, it drops.
It is the science of the very small
that is uncertain, no answer
except a probability,
smeared paint over a pinprick
in the canvas of particles.
I live in the large world
where I say I know
my keys are in my other coat
although I didn’t know soon enough.
I say I know I am here for a reason
and in the large world I can lie
so I do.

In the large world the car
took the turn too fast
and you are dead,
this I am certain of and
always will be, but
in the small world you could be
anywhere, as long as I don’t look
you are my quantum buddy,
the cresting edge of a wave.
But I do look
and the clenched hand
of my mind opens:
have I dropped you again,
are you rising
as if released?