The Maynard
Fall 2017

Jocko Benoit

Somebody Else’s Heroes

She is a plane low on fuel.
I am a lighthouse.

I live in a ground floor fire.
She is a strong rope.

I am a veteran lifeguard.
Her foot is caught in train tracks.

She unites unlike things in a metaphor.
My life is a sine and a tangent.

I carry a landslide on my back.
She is a truck full of cleaning supplies.

She is plagued by insomnia.
I can debug any software.

A shark has me half-swallowed.
She has a meteor warning system.

She mourns the death of a friend.
I have an emergency ace up my sleeve.

I am a mugging victim.
She has life-saving fashion tips.

Her sense of self is lost.
I have a perfect sense of timing.

She is a crop lacking sun and rain.
I am a winning lottery ticket.

I want a smile or a touch.
She is a preacher with the right way to live.

It’s tempting to think we might
have been somebody else’s heroes.