The Maynard
Fall 2017

Dessa Bayrock

What It Is About to Do

Today I am glad: I am glad
with the overcast hum of the sky, I am glad
with the overrun gutters with water and leaves, I am glad
with the puddled pavement and the leap
of the buildings out of the earth: I am glad. And this
means bad luck and trouble, it always does,
because don’t the tallest towers have roots
deeper in the earth than you can see? Isn’t
the universe always trying to apologise
for what it is about to do? Now,
sure, yes: I am glad. I am glad
with the basements like nests in the soil, I am glad
with windows shining under their dust
like hearts about to be broken. But I, too, see
better than anyone the omens in the power lines
stringing across the sky, in the sun
tucking into the back of the parking garage,
in the first bus of the morning, twining far
away and out of sight